Bathing suits are top priority as we gear up for summer again in beautiful, sunny Arizona. Having a toddler at home means less time to shop. Sometimes it is even hard to find time to browse swimsuits online and get them shipped to your door. I have done the hard work for you though. Here is a list of the best TODDLER GIRL’S SWIMSUITS for Summer 2019.

If you have not signed your toddler up for swim lessons yet, please make the call! If you are located in the Phoenix, AZ area, visit our lessons page. I suggest getting children in the water ASAP, even before they are crawling. If your child is passed this stage, it is okay, but signing up for lessons should jump to the top of your to-do list.  If you have any questions about choosing a swim lesson program, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you shortly.

How to make the BEST OF list:

To make our list, a swimsuit must meet and excel ALL the following criteria:

  1. High-quality material
    • Resistant to stretching, fading, and tears
    • At least USP 50
    • Rashguard material
  2. Swim lesson approved
    • will not fall off the shoulders or ride up the bum of your toddler
  3. Age-appropriate
    • Sex Appeal is not appropriate for a toddler!
  4. Affordable, but not cheaply made
    • If a suit is amazingly cheap, it is most likely cheaply made and will deteriorate in less than a week of being exposed to chlorine. Spending a little more on a suit guarantee a swimsuit that will last the summer
  5. Reputable clothing manufacturer
    • Some companies specialize in swimwear for a reason! They know what they are doing so you can trust a quality product
  6. Kid-approved design
    • It is so important to find a suit your toddler is excited to wear. If the child is excited to wear the suit, their excitement will transfer to attending swim lessons. Trust me, once you see the children who are not excited about their swim lessons, you will thank me!

Without further ado…

Best of toddler girl’s swimsuits for Swim Lessons

Pretty in Pastel and Ruffles

If your little girl likes pretty pastel colors and ruffles, this suit is top-rated and meets all of our requirements. This suit is made very well so your toddler will be able to use it until she grows out of it.

Feeling Groovy in Tie Dye

Groovy in Tie Dye

What little girl doesn’t LOVE bright tie-dye designs? This suit is destined to be a fave in your toddler’s summer wardrobe. With great sun protection, you will feel confident your child has the safest and coolest suit in her swim lesson class!




This super adorable kissing flamingo suit is one of our personal favorites! This suit is best for swim lessons in warmer climates, as it has no sleeves. It is a great product, but remember to lather your child’s exposed skin in sunscreen and let it dry before she gets in the water. 

Swimming Like a Little Mermaid

Swim Like a Ariel

All little girls want to swim like Ariel! This sporty, short-sleeved, rash guard suit is the perfect suit for your toddler. Not only does this swimsuit meet all the requirements to make our list, but it is also a great conversation starter to get your toddler excited for her swim lessons!

Sea, Sand, Selfies!

Sea, Sand, and Selfies

This Nautica suit exceeds in all categories. There are four different designs available, but our personal fave is the yellow set with the words Sea, Sand, Selfies on the top! If your toddler is a little less into girly flowers, pink and pastels, this suit is perfect!

Anchors Away!

Nautica was the only company to have two swimsuits make the cut for our best-of list. We think this swimsuit is a winner and are confident your child will agree. The design is nautical and fun. Trust me, parents of the other children in your child’s swim lesson class will be asking where you found this gem!

Tata for now!

We hope this list was informative and that your child loves their new swimsuit.

Also, just a reminder that, although these suits protect against the sun, always apply sunscreen to your children at least 20 minutes before entering the water. (If the sunscreen does not dry and the child gets in the water it may drip in the eyes causing eye irritation.  This is very uncomfortable during swim lessons.)

Have a safe and fun summer! One of these swimsuits will definitely boost your child’s confidence.  Not to mention, she will be the best-dressed toddler at the pool all summer long.

If you have any questions regarding swim lessons or swimwear, please feel free to comment below.

6 Responses

  1. Great article for this range – I didn’t realise that they protect against the Sun as well. Good timing as well for the summer ahead, I’ll pass this site onto my family members who have girls,

    Thanks again

    1. Thanks Glen! My first job, 15 years ago, was as a lifeguard, so I always try to recommend products that protect against the sun. Living in AZ, we can never be too careful with our skin in the summer around the pool. Thanks for the share!

  2. Hello, Ashley!

    These swimsuits are so cute! I particularly like the Pretty in Pastel and Ruffles. It’s perfect for very girly little girls. And it’s affordable too, which is AMAZING.

    Thank you so much for sharing this list with us, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. That is one of my favorites as well! Rufflebutts brand has some of the most adorable suits for our really girly girls 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love the costumes. I was very pleased to see that they have SPF 50 and rash guard. These I remember being very important when my triplets were babies. There is no point having a suit that is not going to protect them from the sun in the water. Love the choices you have found for the list, wide ranged and there is sure to be one that will appeal to moms and dads this summer.

    1. Glad you liked our picks! Summer is such an exciting time for kids and parents alike, but safety must be our number one concern! Hope you have a wonderful summer Quinn.

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