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Looking for private swim lessons in Scottsdale, AZ? You came to the right place!

When is a good time to sign your child up for swim lessons in Arizona? Yesterday!!!  Obviously, that is a joke, but we are trying to make a point. It is never too soon to get a kid comfortable in the water.  It may save his or her life.

Why Private Swim Lessons?

Many parents sign their children up for group swim lessons because the prices are usually much lower than private lessons.  However, most group classes have 7-10 other children in the class.  With this many children, your child will likely only get a few minutes of individual attention during a lesson.  (Sometimes even less if there is a problem child in the class.)

During a private swim lesson, your child gets 100 percent of the instructor’s attention for 100 percent of the class time.  This makes a huge difference when learning swimming skills.  In the end, your child will learn faster, in a private lesson.  Ultimately, you spend more upfront, but for a shorter amount of time.  

At-Home Private Swim Lessons 

We teach at-home private swim lessons in Scottsdale and the surrounding cities.  If you have children close to the same age and skill level, you can request a semi-private lesson.

Lesson slots for August and September are filling up quickly!!

Note: We also lifeguard private parties!  Contact us for lifeguard rates.

Lesson Locations

If you live in the Scottsdale, AZ area and are looking for in-home private swim lessons, you are in the right place! 

Ashley is located in North Scottsdale, near Shea and FLW, but will travel reasonable distances for lessons. 

If you do not have a backyard or community pool, you may schedule a lesson at Ashley’s place of residence if the schedule permits.

Trial Lessons

Trial lessons are available (but only optional) to ensure your child will benefit from Ashley’s instruction style. 

Trial lessons allow Ashley to gauge your child’s current swimming ability (or lack thereof :))

Trial lessons are suggested if the child had a near-drowning experience or has a learning disability. 

Although Ashley is skilled in techniques that help children who have been through traumatic water experiences become comfortable in the water, a trial lesson is recommended under these circumstances.  The same goes for children with learning disabilities. 

The reason for this is that these situations, more than most, require the student and instructor ‘jive’ well together.  ‘Jive’ is not the most scientific of words, but it is the best way to describe the communication and trust that must be present during a swim lesson. 

So far, all trial lessons have advanced to regularly scheduled lessons, but if necessary, we will not hesitate to recommend another instructor for your child. 

For example, a child may associate a bad water experience with a female figure in his life.  In this situation, a male instructor would be recommended. 

These situations are rare, but we promise to do what is best for your child, even if it means losing a client to another instructor. 

We hope you understand this.

Our goal is to help your child learn to swim and we will be brutally honest to make it happen!

About Miss Ashley

All lessons are taught by Ashley of Ashley Aquatics.  For information about Ashley’s teaching background, click here. 

Cost of Private Lessons in Scottsdale, AZ

Trial lesson (10-15 min): $20

30 min lesson: $40

45 min lesson: $50

60 min lesson: $60

Discount for first-timers!

First-time clients? Sign up for 3 or more classes and receive a $15 discount off the total cost.

(Total of three classes-15 dollars)

Contact Ashley Aquatics

Contact us to schedule your child’s private swim lessons! Since most of our business is conducted in the water, the best way to contact us is by text or email.  We will respond to you ASAP! (Usually within 12 hours)

Text: 480.232.2626

Facebook Message:


If you cannot message, text, or email, leave a voicemail at the number above. 

Private Swim Lessons
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Private Swim Lessons
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Ashley Aquatics, Telephone No.4802322626
Scottsdale, AZ
At-Home Private Swim Lessons by Ashley. Instructor Ashley has 15 years of experience teaching hundreds of children to swim. Ashley is a fun, effective swim instructor you can trust to keep your kids safe in the pool.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you Ashley. Wow 15 years of experience teaching swimming that is a lot. It sounds like you Are very thoughtful about the children because of what you said about traumatic experiences with water. When I was young I was in my friends pool and he was on one of those floats and somehow I got stuck under the float. It wasn’t a long time and I was able to realize that I had to go around it but it was one of those things like for a moment you know even just a few extra moments without breathing can be A lot and it scared me because I was expecting just to get up and get air but then all of a sudden there was a float there.

    I’m 29 now. I’m not sure how much it affected me. I don’t really swim that often. The last I swam was at a local YMCA pool and I would swim there pretty often. But I ended up not going there anymore and now I work out at home but I don’t swim.

    I guess I would swim If I had a pool and stuff. But yeah it seems like you are very understanding about that and that is good. Don’t try to push them before they’re ready if they had trauma.

    I am a big believer in individual teaching instead of group teaching and pretty much all situations. You are right the one-on-one attention means a lot more.

    well thanks again for another nice article on your website. Take care and talk to you next time.

    1. The fact that you remember getting stuck under that pool float, so vividly, this many years later speaks volumes to how much that event affected you.  It may seem such a trivial thing since you were able to go around and get air, but had you been less confident in the water, you may have been in a much more critical situation.  

      A child can drown in as little as 2 inches of water.  The drowning can be as quick as the time it takes to check a text message on your phone.  Also, drowning does not happen the way it is portrayed in the movies.  Usually, a drowning victim is not able to yell for help and certainly does not wave his hands up and down out of the water.  Drowning is a lot less chaotic than all that, making it hard to spot for those without drowning victim recognition training.  That is why it is CRUCIAL parents get their child into swim training ASAP. 

      I also teach adult swimming, from beginners to stroke refinement and endurance training.  Swimming is a great exercise. In fact, it is the only exercise that uses every muscle in the body.  It would be great if everyone could make swimming a part of their workout routine.  I hope you refer my site to your friends with kiddos needing to learn how to swim.  Thank you so much for reading and commenting!  

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