Best Backyard Inflatable Water Slides of 2020

best backyard inflatable water slides

Best Backyard Inflatable Water Slides of 2020 Hurricane Tunnel Blast Inflatable Water Park Itopfox Dolphin Kids Inflatable Play Center Inflatable River Race Water Slide Inflatable Pirate Boat Bouncy Water Slide Castle Bounce House with Water Slide Hippo Outdoor Inflatable Water Slide Pipeline Water Park Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Slide Big Blast Inflatable Water Slide Tropical […]

Beginner Swim Lesson Equipment

Hello parents and swimmers! I am frequently asked what equipment a parent should buy for their child who is starting their first swim lesson session. Here is a list of the beginner swim lesson equipment, complete with the brand recommendation and amazon links, that I recommend for my students. Obviously, not much is required for […]

Best Kids’ Swim Goggles-The ‘No Goggle Policy’

Included in this article is our list of the best kids’ swim goggles.  Before we disclose which goggles made our ‘best kids’ swim goggle’ list, we will explain Ashley Aquatic’s ‘No Goggle Policy’ for beginner swimmers and why we believe all swim instructors and parents should adopt the policy. We suggest all swim instructors adopt […]

Private Swim Lessons in Scottsdale AZ


Looking for private swim lessons in Scottsdale, AZ? You came to the right place! When is a good time to sign your child up for swim lessons in Arizona? Yesterday!!!  Obviously, that is a joke, but we are trying to make a point. It is never too soon to get a kid comfortable in the water.  […]

Best Backyard Inflatable Water Slides -Top 10 List

Best backyard inflatable water slides

One of the greatest inventions for backyard fun must be the inflatable water slide and, in recent years, the industry has experienced amazing advances in ingenuity, size, safety, and just plain AWESOMENESS. If you are looking for the coolest, quality-made backyard inflatable water slides on the market, you are in the right place! Behold our […]

Dive Toys for the Pool- Best of Dive Toys for Your Little Fish!


Dive Toys for Pools “Best of” List Click on each toy for further review, images, and links to buy! 1.  Colored and Numbered Dive Sticks and Rings 2. Little Mermaid Dive Toys 3. Assorted 26 Pack-Sea Animals, Rings, and Gems 4. Catch and Release Dive Toys 5. Marvel’s Avengers Dive Characters 6. 30 Piece All You […]

Can You Open Your Eyes Underwater?- Eye Irritation Causes and Remedies


Can you Open Your Eyes Underwater? Brief Outline of this Article: Causes of Eye Irritation After Swimming (aka ‘chlorine eyes’) Common Misconceptions: relationship between chlorine and eye irritation Treatments for Eye Irritation (best treatment for chlorine in eyes)  At-home Remedies for Eye Irritation (Remedies Irritated Eyes)  how to prevent burning eyes before swimming how to […]

Best Toddler Boys’ Swimsuits – Summer 2019


The Best Toddler Boys’ Swimsuits – Summer 2019 Bathing suits are top priority as we gear up for summer again in beautiful, sunny Arizona. Having a little boy at home means finding high-energy activities. One of the greatest activities for toddlers during summer is attending swim lessons! It is very important to find a bathing […]

Toddler Girl’s Swimsuits for Swim Lessons- Best of List

Bathing suits are top priority as we gear up for summer again in beautiful, sunny Arizona. Having a toddler at home means less time to shop. Sometimes it is even hard to find time to browse swimsuits online and get them shipped to your door. I have done the hard work for you though. Here […]