Best Kids’ Swim Goggles-The ‘No Goggle Policy’

Included in this article is our list of the best kids’ swim goggles.  Before we disclose which goggles made our ‘best kids’ swim goggle’ list, we will explain Ashley Aquatic’s ‘No Goggle Policy’ for beginner swimmers and why we believe all swim instructors and parents should adopt the policy. We suggest all swim instructors adopt this policy and we think parents will agree after reading this article. Before dismissing the policy as ‘overly strict,’ hear us out! You may be thinking, Why would you include a ‘best of’ list if you don’t recommend goggles for kids? That is a great […]

Best Backyard Inflatable Water Slides -Top 10 List

One of the greatest inventions for backyard fun must be the inflatable water slide and, in recent years, the industry has experienced amazing advances in ingenuity, size, safety, and just plain AWESOMENESS. If you are looking for the coolest, quality-made backyard inflatable water slides on the market, you are in the right place! Behold our ‘best of’ list for backyard inflatable water slides. Top 10 Best Backyard Inflatable Water Slides List (The links below will take you the each slide’s review.) Shark Park Inflatable Water Park 2 in 1 Ultra Combo Pack: Water Park and Bounce House Included Rocky Mountain […]

Toddler Girl’s Swimsuits for Swim Lessons- Best of List

Bathing suits are top priority as we gear up for summer again in beautiful, sunny Arizona. Having a toddler at home means less time to shop. Sometimes it is even hard to find time to browse swimsuits online and get them shipped to your door. I have done the hard work for you though. Here is a list of the best TODDLER GIRL’S SWIMSUITS for Summer 2019. If you have not signed your toddler up for swim lessons yet, please make the call! If you are located in the Phoenix, AZ area, visit our lessons page. I suggest getting children […]