Best Kids’ Swim Goggles-The ‘No Goggle Policy’

Included in this article is our list of the best kids’ swim goggles.  Before we disclose which goggles made our ‘best kids’ swim goggle’ list, we will explain Ashley Aquatic’s ‘No Goggle Policy’ for beginner swimmers and why we believe all swim instructors and parents should adopt the policy. We suggest all swim instructors adopt […]

Can You Open Your Eyes Underwater?- Eye Irritation Causes and Remedies


Can you Open Your Eyes Underwater? Brief Outline of this Article: Causes of Eye Irritation After Swimming (aka ‘chlorine eyes’) Common Misconceptions: relationship between chlorine and eye irritation Treatments for Eye Irritation (best treatment for chlorine in eyes)  At-home Remedies for Eye Irritation (Remedies Irritated Eyes)  how to prevent burning eyes before swimming how to […]