The Best Toddler Boys’ Swimsuits – Summer 2019

Bathing suits are top priority as we gear up for summer again in beautiful, sunny Arizona. Having a little boy at home means finding high-energy activities. One of the greatest activities for toddlers during summer is attending swim lessons! It is very important to find a bathing suit that is quality made, fits well, and has a cool design. I know how busy life can be and picking out swim trunks for swim lessons often becomes a tedious task. Sometimes it is even hard to find time to browse swimsuits online and get them shipped to your door. Let me do the hard work for you!

Below is a list of the best TODDLER BOYS’ SWIMSUITS for Summer 2019. We are sure you will find the perfect swim suit for swim lessons and fun in the sun on this list.

It is never too soon to get your child in the water, even before they start crawling. However, if you have not done this yet, don’t fret! Summer is approaching and classes are opening up everywhere. If you have any questions about choosing a swim lesson program, leave them in the comments and I will get back to you shortly.

How these suits made our list:

To make our list, a swimsuit must meet and excel ALL the following criteria:

  1. High quality material
    • Resistant to stretching, fading, and tears
    • At least USP 50
    • Rash guard material
  2. Swim lesson approved
    • will not fall down below the hips (We want kids focusing on learning to swim, not pulling up their swim trunks!)
  3. Age appropriate
    • Speedos are not appropriate at any age, but certainly not for toddlers!
    • Toddlers swim suits should provide maximum sun coverage. Toddlers are too young to need a tan!
  4. Affordable, but not cheaply made
    • If a suit is amazingly cheap, it is most likely cheaply made and will deteriorate in less than a week of being exposed to chlorine. Spending a little more on a suit guarantee a swimsuit that will last the summer
  5. Reputable clothing manufacturer
    • Some companies specialize in swim wear for a reason! They know what they are doing so you can trust a quality product
  6. Kid-approved design
    • It is so important to find a suit your toddler is excited to wear. If the child is excited to wear the suit, their excitement will transfer to attending swim lessons. Trust me, once you see the children who are not excited for their swim lessons, you will thank me!

Without further ado, here are the suits that made the cut for Summer 2019:

Swimasaurus Rex!

This 3-piece swim outfit includes an SPF 50 hat, rash guard, and swim trunks. The hat covers the head, has a rim to cover the forehead and keep sun out of your child’s eyes, and has a flap on the around the bottom to prevent sunburned ears and neck. Trust me, once your little boy gets his first sunburn, you will regret not getting this suit sooner. It is so hard to watch your baby in pain from a sunburn that could have been prevented with the right protection. This suit is top on the list because it meets all safety and quality standards, while topping the cuteness factor charts! I mean, just look at the little Dino spikes running down the back of the rash guard!! Can’t you see it now? Your little boy making T-Rex arms while saying RAWR…talk about picture perfect! Your child will be the most Dashing Dinosaur in his swim lesson class!

SoCal Surfer Suit

This two piece swim suit made by RUOGU is one of the better quality swim suits we have found for this age range. The suit comes in Navy or Orange. The rash guard is long sleeved, providing protection all the way down to the wrists. This helps to prevent a weird tan line on your child’s arms. This suit is likely to last, at least the whole summer, even in highly chlorinated pools. If your toddler thinks surfers are the coolest, this is the suit for you this summer!

Baby Shark Do Do Do DO Do DO

Baby shark do do do do do do, went to swim class do do do do do do, learned to kick do do do do do, loved his teacher do do do do do made some friends do do do do do do, looked the COOLEST do do do do do do! Gotta love songs that get stuck in your head all day long 🙂 This 3-piece suit, by Taiycyxgan, is the most comfortable on our list. The fabric is 84% Nylon+16% Spandex; Lining: 98% Polyester+2% Spandex, meaning it is stretching so you child will not complain of about anything itching, making this a great suit for children with sensitive skin. The hat is also elastic like so it stays on the head while your child works with the swim lesson instructor. The suit provides SPF 50 sun protection and has a long sleeve top. This is a great option to get your kids excited for swim! Trust me, you would much rather hear the baby shark song a hundred times over than hear your toddler screaming because he does not want to go to swim class!

Liberty Lobster

This suit is bound to be a favorite in your little boy’s summer wardrobe. Practically, it will be a perfect little fourth of July BBQ outfit as well! What little boy doesn’t think a lobster is totally cool? And a lobster holding an American flag? It really does not get any better. 🙂 This two piece set provides great sun protection, covering the skin just enough to keep your toddler cool in the sun.

Captain Swimerica

What kid doesn’t dream of being Captain America? In this fun, trendy superhero get-up, your toddler will feel more confident then ever that he will learn to swim this summer. The price is a few dollars more, as you are paying for the Marvel name, but hey, if it makes the little one happy, it is well worth it! This lightweight suit will keep you toddler feeling and looking cool all summer long.

Runner Ups for Summer 2019:

Happy Swimming!

Hope you found something your toddler will love all summer long! Do not forget to apply sunscreen to your children 20-30 minutes before they go out in the sun and enter the water. Always watch your kids around water. Have a safe and fun summer 🙂

If you have any questions regarding swim lessons or swimwear, please feel free to comment below.



6 Responses

  1. Super cool Website … Woooww I was looking for one like this . I wanted to buy some swimsuits for my nephew .. Will surely use this blog .. Thank you so much ..

    1. Glad you found the site. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help. Hope you and your nephew have a safe and fun summer by the pool!

  2. There are some really cool toddler swimsuits here. I think my 4yr old would love the dinosaur one down the bottom.


    1. Thank you for stopping by! All 4 year olds should have a dinosaur swimsuit! If it protects form the sun as well, parents get an extra bonus! Have a great summer Michael.

  3. These toddlers swimsuits are very trendy,and cool as well,the Captain America,theme is great,and I like the liberty lobster as well,I am glad to see that good sun protection is built in with the caps and sleeves.

    I wonder how good the materials are, and will they really stand up to bleaching effects of chlorine,as well as the sun’s rays?,I suppose if they are specialists in swimwear, they have thoroughly tested them,and are of good quality.

    It’s just a pity that no prices are given, as that way,we would be able to get a comparison on quality and prices.

    I am glad that the designs,are made to appeal to children,if they are excited about the swimsuit,it will make it that much easier,to get them into the water, and also to take their swimming lessons, as I know that there are some children that are a bit afraid of the water.

    1. Great point Robert! I will go ahead and update the list with prices.  These suits, however, are all very affordable and quality tested by my own swim lesson students.  Thank you for stopping by and for the feedback.  I really appreciate it.  

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