Best Inflatable Swimming Pools For Family – Buyer's Guide and Reviews

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It is that time again. The weather is getting hot. The kids are out of school and each morning starts with, “Mommy, what are we going to do today?” Sound familiar? You are not alone! We have just the solution for you. A way to keep your kids cool while they have tons of fun. Drum roll please…. Enter the Inflatable Swimming Pool. Yes, they have been around for decades, but the products keep getting better. We have provided you with the top ten inflatable swimming pools available for purchase today, reviewing each in great detail. We have also made sure to find the safest, most affordable inflatable swimming pools on the market today. This list is constantly updated so check back if you can not make up your mid!

Avoiding the Digital Babysitter

As a parent, it may seem like a never ending task, pulling your kids attention away from a screen long enough for them to get a bit of exercise to release energy and sun to feed Vitamin D into their little bodies! Apart from gadgets, lookout for the best inflatable swimming pools for family. With an inflatable swimming pool, your children gets a water park experience in your own backyard, plenty of fun within the boundaries of home and under your supervision. If you are looking for something a little more impressive than an inflatable pool, check out recommendations for the best inflatable water slides.

Quick Safety Note: It may seem like an inflatable pool is a great alternative to a swimming pool for children who cannot swim yet. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Children in an inflatable pool require just as much, if not more, supervision. A child can drown in less than two inches of water and, a child who cannot swim is high risk for drowning no matter what depth the body of water he swims in. Please always keep your eyes on kids while in an inflatable swimming pool or hire a lifeguard to watch your children while you get your errands done.

If you are in Arizona, the valley area, contact us to set up private swim lessons and your child will be swimming in no time at all!

Why Purchase The Best Inflatable Swimming Pools For Family?

Before digging deeper into the details of which are the best inflatable swimming pools for families, we should consider the different array of fantastically fun activities you can arrange for your kids to play in the inflatable swimming pool. If you are purchasing an inflatable pool for the sole purpose of cooling your kids off in the summer, we have just the pool for you. If you are looking for an inflatable swimming pool with water features and activities included, we have some great suggestions for you, as well. In out ever-increasing digital based childcare world, it takes a lot to rip our kid’s attention away from the screen for long, so it is imperative you find an inflatable pool that will intrigue your child. We have plenty of wonderful, suggestions below.

Activities for The Best Inflatable Swimming Pools For Family

The best types of activities for kids in an inflatable swimming pool are the ones that require little setup and encourage safe playtime. Games that encourage kids to be rough, like water polo and capture the flag, are too aggressive for young children and can be dangerous in a small area like an inflatable swimming pool. However, we have a list of some great, safe, easy to set up, activities that provide hours of entertainment and fun for your children while allowing parents to focus on supervision instead of mediation! Let us know which of these inflatable swimming pool games were a big hit with your children in the comment sections below!

Beach Ball Race

The Beach Ball race is just a fun-filled activity that will make the children move their beach balls from one side of the pool to the other and back again. You could even split the kids up into teams and add rules to make the game more interesting. For example, a twist on the rules could involve not allowing the beach ball to lose contact with the surface of the water or only allowing the ball to change hands twice.

Our favorite disqualifier: If you splash mum, you’re out of there!

This version of the beach ball race in an inflatable pool is great for younger kids, as most inflatables are on the smaller side. However, we have listed some inflatable swimming pools that are accommodating enough for the movement of older, bigger, children and even adults.

More of a Challenge

If you are entertaining bigger children, think about incorporating a land race into the mix so the inflatable pool obstacle is only one leg of the challenge. Our family’s favorite way to use the inflatable pool as an obstacle in the beach ball race is to have each player start on one end of the pool, standing outside the pool. A beach ball sits on top of the water in front of each player. The players must move the beach ball to the other side of the pool, using only his or her breath! Once this challenge is complete, the player moves on to the next obstacle or passes the beach ball on to his teammate.

An example of another obstacle: The next player on the team is handed the beach ball, must set it on the grass in front of them. Then, using only water balloons, (no hands or feet!) must move the beach ball to the other side of the yard. There are a ton of creative ways to use a beach ball as a game prop and an inflatable pool makes these games so much more fun while keeping the kids cool at the same time!

Don’t forget to add beach balls to your cart when purchasing your inflatable swimming pool!

For a fun twist, play an after dark game with these glow balls that can be thrown around and played with just like beach balls!

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is an old classic I can remember playing as a child. Although this is not my favorite choice because closing eyes in a pool, or even on ground, while chasing other children, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, kids will be kids and this game will endure.

However, I have recently discovered two twists on the game, one that I will have my swim lesson kids try because it just sounds hilarious, and the other a recommendation from the CDC, an entity we hear a lot from in the post-pandemic world.

A New Twist

So, in the first version, one of the swimmers closes his eyes and calls out the name of any animal. The other children in the inflatable swimming pool have to make the noise that animal makes until the child who called out the name of the animal is able to tag another child, who subsequently becomes the ‘animal picker.’

As far as the latter CDC recommendation of game play, a way to play socially distanced Marco Polo is to have the child who closes his eye and calls out Marco, point to where he believes the other children who are responding Polo are. If he points to another child, that child must be honest and becomes the ‘Marco.’

Can you just imagine a bunch of three-year-olds ‘Mooing’ their heads off while the child with his eyes closed frantically points around the pool? What a great home video opportunity! For more ideas for socially distanced pool games, see’s article, Socially distant pool games: 5 ways to have fun and be safe while swimming.

Ping Pongs Activities

The opportunities for creative game play in an inflatable swimming pool, when you have ping pongs on hand, are endless! Here are my two favorite ways to use Ping-Pong balls to keep the kiddos entertained during an afternoon of playing in the inflatable pool.

Activity 1. Ping-Pong Collective

Throw the ping pongs into the pool and ask the children to collect them. The child who collects the most ping pongs wins that round.

Activity 2: Ping-Pong Races

For this activity, each child gets a ping pong ball. At one end of the pool, each child places their ping pong ball in front of his waist, floating on the surface of the water. (Note: This game gets a lot more challenging when it is windy outside!)

Next, the children blow the ping pong balls to the opposite side of the pool, no hands allowed! Whichever child succeeds in moving his ping pong ball to the opposite side of the inflatable pool, using only his breath, wins the round.

Here is a link to a great deal on multi-colored ping pongs balls so you can play these games without mixing up the children’s ping pong balls!

Diving For Toys

When I was a child, diving toys were only sold as colorful rings. Living in Arizona, the stores would quickly sell out and my parents would improvise, throwing some pennies to the bottom of the pool. FETCH children! It seems a bit crude when I reminisce, but my sister and I spent hours retrieving these objects.

Kids have so many more options today. These diving toys are all guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your children. Who knows, maybe they grow up to write a blog and talk about their own memories with toys a little cooler than rusty old pennies!

So Many Options!

In an inflatable swimming pool, even a shallow one, children love retrieving toys from the bottom. Encouraging your child to put their head under the water, open their eyes, and retrieve a toy is a great way to get your child ready for swim lessons. There are some amazing safety benefits of being able to open your eyes under water. If interested in learning more, check out Can You Open Your Eyes Underwater?

Today, diving toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some look like little sea animals…fish, sharks, seahorses and more! Some diving toys torpedo a great distance under water before sinking to the bottom of the pool. Other diving toys spin rapidly as they sink to the bottom of the pool.

The creativity of diving toys has skyrocketed in recent years, which is great because it helps children get even more excited about diving and learning to swim.

For our pick on the best Dive Toys on the market today, see Best Dive Toys For You Little Swimmer.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Inflatable Swimming Pools For Family

Before purchasing one of our recommendations for the best inflatable swimming pools for family, there are some factors to consider. Each families needs are different so we have conveniently picked out the most important factors to consider when purchasing an inflatable swimming pool for family . Here are the factors we have rated the products on:

Value for Money

When deciding which of the best inflatable swimming pools for family to buy, there is no need to break the bank! No matter the feature you are looking for, there is an item out there that is plenty affordable. From high budget to low, there are some great quality pools on the market today.

Importantly, you will need to buy a pump separately when you buy an inflatable pool. For your convenience, the following is the best deal on Amazon:


Durability refers to how long the pool will last. We have only included products that will last you more than one summer. Taken into account is the material, the construction and manufacturing, and how well the product stands up to UV rays. Also, it is very important that these products are not too slippery as slip and falls could lead to injury.


Like durability, sturdiness refers to how well the product is made, and how well the product handles being full of water and kids all summer long! No one wants a pool that will pop a hole the first time it is used or a pool that can be ripped with a twig laying on the grass. While searching for the swimming pools you will encounter many of the pools that are very poor in quality. Thin material and stitching make it ineffective for proper use for your kids.

Children regard the swimming pool as their second home during summer so it is essential that the walls of an inflatable pool are able to withstand a bit of rough housing and lots of use.

Easy to Inflate

This is hugely important. Pools will not get much use if they are a pain to inflate and deflate. In this category, we have also judged the portability of the pool as well as how easy the pool is to drain.

The Scale of Fish

Dependent on performance during at-home testing, each inflatable swimming pool is assigned a specific ranking for each of the four categories listed above. All slides included on this list have received at least 3 fish in every category. Rankings are assigned using a scale of 1-5 fish, as outlined in the following table:


Here are out picks for the best inflatable swimming pool products on the market today, along with an in depth review of why each pool was selected for out list.

Hopefully, this buyers guide helps make your decision easier!

The Best Inflatable Swimming Pools For Family

Here are out picks of the best inflatable swimming pools for family on the market today. (This list is frequently updated as new products are released and tested by us!)

1. Homech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool

This inflatable pool has it all. It’s one of the largest on the market, with the ability to accommodate infants, toddlers,(with an adult, obviously) 5-12 year olds, teenagers, and adults alike! This is the perfect product to place in your backyard for a summer pool party, as guests of all ages will be able to enjoy it!

Here are the best features:

  • Pool is comparatively thicker in quality than other pools available in the marketplace.
  • The pool is constructed from premium PVC, along with lead-free BPA material, and naphthalene. (Basically, it is one sturdy pool, that will not lose quality after baking in the sun for hours on end.)
  • Dimensions of the homech family inflatable swimming pool are 118 x 72 x 22 inches. (9 ft X 6ft and almost 2 ft tall!)
  • Deflated, it only weighs an estimated 13.2 Pounds.
  • The price is just over one hundred dollars, which is a steal for this size pool.
  • Pool holds approximately 162 gallons of water.

best inflatable swimming pools

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2. PERLECARE Inflatable Swimming Pool

Another great, full-family size option is the Perlecare inflatable pool. With almost a perfect rating on Amazon, we knew this product would deliver and it did! Receiving out Golden Fish rating, this was one of out favorite inflatable pools for family summer fun.

Here are the best features:

    • Made of Naphthalene and lead-free, BPA-free material, this pool meets all US safety regulations for children’s product safety. (In fact, the safety of this product is guaranteed by the manufacturer.)
    • The smooth surface, round, and no edges design enhanced the safety of kids playing.
    • This above-ground swimming pool will provide hours of refreshment and fun for your kids in the backyard, without losing quality in the baking sun.
    • The pool is constructed with 3 independent air chambers, thus more PVC materials are used to withstand the extra weight and prevent water and air leakage during use, which prolongs the lifespan of above ground inflatable swimming pool.
    • The body of this pool is a WHOPPING 50% thicker than most of the same blow up pools on the market, adding wear-resistance, reducing the risk of punctures, and extending the lifespan for multi-summer use.
    • Easy To Set Up & Inflate & Drain!
      • Inflates in 3-4 mins by an electric pump (not included, but we have included some options for purchase below)
      • Easy to deflate, with 3 air-valves available for pump connection.
      • Draining the water from this pool is also quick and easy because this outdoor pool is equipped with 2 drain plugs. (One plug has an extension tube that connects to your garden hose to help drain.)
      • You can fill it with water or balls so it can be used as a pool or ball pit!
    • Big enough for all ages, this pool is 120 x 72 x 22 inches and holds up to 312 gallons of water.
    • The pool is anti-UV, wear-resistant, so extra durable for long-time outdoor use.
    • Company offers a local US support team to better provide you with customer service!

best inflatable swimming poolsbest inflatable swimming pools

Our favorite Amazon review:

Amazon Reviewer: “We put a small slide in there and it instantly became a Waterpark in our front yard. It’s sturdy and does give in on him while he is trying to swim!”

Where to Buy

3. Intex Inflatable Swimming Pool

Intex is an inflatable swim pool designed for a family with complete features. This is like an above ground hot tub, but you can inflate and deflate it. We love the features of this great inflatable pool.

Here are the best features:

    • Inflated size is approximately 88 inch L x 85 inch W x 30 inch H.
    • The water capacity is 990L (14” of wall height)
    • The weight, before inflation is about 14 pounds, so it is highly transportable.
    • A repair patch is included with purchase.

This pool is equipped with four corner seats and backrests, as well as cup holders for each occupant. For kids, sippy cups are never far away, and for adults, you do not ever have to leave the pool to sip your summer cocktail. (Although we do recommend using plastic cups, and never glass bottles around any pool!)

In fact, here is out summer cocktail recommendation:

The Lillet Spritzer

best inflatable swimming pools

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4. TrekPow Inflatable Swimming Pool

A great summer activity that the whole family will enjoy together is water activities. TrekPow inflatable outdoor swimming pool is a great option to enjoy water fun while in the comfort of your home. Your family will surely enjoy splashing around while spending quality time with each other.

Here are the best features:

  • The inflatable pool can hold up to 2 adults and 3 kids. Ideal pool for all family member to enjoy summer pool party
  • TrekPow swimming pool is Lead-Free, BPA-free, and CPSIA, CPC and ASTM certified to ensure skin safety
  • Made from PVC material, the pool is extremely durable and resistant to damage, able to survive countless summers of splashing around.
  • It can be used as a ball pit, sand pit, fishing pond, or toy pond!
  • Included with Purchase:
    • 1 x TrekPow Inflatable Pool
    • 2 x Inflatable Balls
    • 2 x Repair Patch
    • 1 x User Guide
  • Pool’s dimensions are 120″x72″x20″.
  • Inflate in 3-4 minutes by an electric pump (not included) – This inflatable pool equipped with efficient valves that make it both easy to set up and deflate.
  • The swimming pool with 3 individual air chambers can withstand extra weight while preventing air leakage
  • Unique pattern design could let kids learning the sea world through playing around.inflatable pool

best inflatable swimming pools

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5. Sable Inflatable Swimming Pool

The Sable inflatable, designed not only for adults and children, but also for infants and toddlers, is another great option. The pool accommodates 2 adults and 4 children.

Here are the best features:

  • The dimensions of the pool are 118 x 72 x 22 inches.
  • Pool is made of PVC and naphthalene, with an outer lining 60% thicker than other like it on the market.
  • Deflated weight is 17 pounds.
  • 3-4 minute inflation time.
  • Made to hold almost 312 gallons of water.
  • Our favorite feature: This blue pool has a white cap to reflect the sun’s heat, you don’t burn yourself when getting in or when you’re sitting back and resting your arms along the top surface.

best inflatable swimming pools

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6. Big Summer 3 Rings Inflatable Swimming Pool

3 rings inflatable swimming pool is designed for infants and toddlers.

One of the smaller pools on out list, it still has some awesome features.

Here are the best features:

  • The dimensions of this pool are 48 x 48 x 12 inches.
  • The material used is vinyl that makes the lining 40 percent stronger.
  • This pool provides a dual option for inflating at the bottom side of the pool.
  • For added fun, we recommend purchasing a plastic slide to put over the rim of the pool.

  • This slide fits perfect and will transform this inflatable into a mini water park for your kids.

Tip: Run the hose down the slide for adding slipping power!

best inflatable swimming pools

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7. VRZTLAI Inflatable Kiddie Pool

The inflatable kiddie pool is designed for kids, but it is a family lounge pool. As it can accommodate kids, infants, toddlers, and children.

Here are the best features:

  • The dimensions of these swimming pools are 120″ X 72″ X 22″.
  • It can hold up to 312 gallons of water.
  • Lead and BPA-free along naphthalene make up this product. Its thickness of the lining is due to PVC.
  • It can inflate in almost 3-4 minutes.
  • This inflatable kiddie pool is twice as thick as its competitors. (0.4mm thick bottomed inflatable bladder) This feature effectively blocks the cold on the ground, avoiding any rapid drop in water temperature.
  • The thick construction also prevents children from falling while swimming or playing in the pool, as it provides more grip on the slippery bottom.

best inflatable swimming poolsbest inflatable swimming pools

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8. QPAU Inflatable Hoop Swimming Pool

QPAU is a limited-edition swimming pool with a basketball hoop. Here are some more awesome features of this pool:

Here are the best features:

  • Pool’s dimensions are 118’’72’’55’’.
  • It is thick and resistant to wear and tear due to the presence of PVC.
  • It has a total of 4 chambers for easy inflating of the pool. (This is one more than most pools on the list.)
  • Takes simply 3-4 minutes to inflate with an electric pump. (not included)
  • The pool has a 90° vertical drainpipe which helps to better facilitate the outflow of water and two curve water valves double the drainage speed.
  • One of out favorite features of this pool is its design. The kid specific graphics on the outside of this pool are so cute and the kids will love them!

best inflatable swimming pools

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9. 3 in 1 Splash Pad Inflatable Sprinkler Pool

This product is solely designed for kids, toddlers, and babies. It is present in elephant designs with alphabets imprinted on it, along with the following features.

Here are the best features:

  • Pools dimensions are 74.8” X 51” X 7”.
  • It can inflate in an impressive 1-2 minutes with an electric pump. (not included)
  • Heavy-duty PVC is used in the manufacturing of the pool.
  • Very affordable!
  • It is easy to set up the sprinkler feature, just connect the sprinkler to any water pipe. The elephant will then spray water out of his trunk! You can adjust the water pressure to control the water spray height.
  • Easy to drain and store. It folds into the size of a book so you can take it with you wherever you travel!

best inflatable swimming pools

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10. Hesung Inflatable Pool and Water Park

This product is designed exclusively for kids only. It comes with a slide, a ball roller, and a fountain arch. The fountain arc has a sprinkler function for more water feature fun! There are also two pool areas, for double the fun!