Hello parents and swimmers! I am frequently asked what equipment a parent should buy for their child who is starting their first swim lesson session. Here is a list of the beginner swim lesson equipment, complete with the brand recommendation and amazon links, that I recommend for my students. Obviously, not much is required for a swim lesson. I provide all the toys, along with kickboards, noodles, and my lifeguard tube. However, there are a few pieces of equipment I do recommend purchasing for your children to give them the best chance of enjoying themselves in the water and developing proper swim techniques.

First of all, a bathing suit is a must! Check out the following articles for my top swimsuit recommendations for beginner students:

Best Toddler Boys’ Swimsuits

Best Toddler Girls’ Swimsuits

Next, a parent usually asked me which goggles I recommend for their child. I refer the parent to my article, The Best Kids’ Swim Goggles. Before you go purchasing goggles, read the entire article. Even though I list my favorite goggles on the market, I still have a strict NO GOGGLE POLICY in beginner lessons so save your money and wait on this purchase.

One of my number one equipment recommendations for beginner swim lesson equipment is swim fins. Most children have a difficult time learning to keep their legs straight while learning the flutter kick. Swim fins make a HUGE difference, forcing the child to point their toes and straighten his legs. Also, the extra power a child has while kicking with swim fins on helps build their confidence. One of the highest quality (yet still affordable) swim fin brands on the market for swim students can be found on Amazon in the following link:

In Arizona, we are fortunate enough to have beautiful weather year-round. With a heated pool, I am able to teach through the winter. However, even with the pool heated, children are likely to get the shivers. When the weather starts to drop a bit and the heaters are turned on in the pool, I recommend purchasing a wet suit. It is so important a child stays warm and comfortable while learning how to swim. Otherwise, you may make an already frightening experience into a nightmare for the child. This will not help your child progress. I recommend O’Neill brand suits. Here is the link on Amazon:

Aside from these few recommendations, remember to bring a smile and positive attitude with you onto the pool deck! Oh, and sunscreen of course! See you soon swimmers! Please leave any questions in the comments below.

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